Want some ideas on how to package press on nails? Well I’ll show you what I did and give you some ideas on other great ways to package your press on nails to sell. This post is about how to package press on nails.

What you will need:

  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Mounting Tape
  • Instruction Card
  • Business Card
  • ​Mini File/Mini Buffer
  • ​Mini Cuticle Stick
  • ​Mini Nail Glue
  • ​Bubble Mailer

Now that you’ve made your press on nails, you’ll will want to package them up nicely to sell.

Packaging your press on nails is one of the best ways to showcase your brand. It gives the customer an insight into your brands look and feel before even using the product.

Luck Packaging offer various package press on nail sets,like white jewelry boxes with lids, boxes with window. You can decide what looks best to you and the image you want for your brand. You can choose different options of packaging,  CLICK HERE !

Displaying your nails

Taking jewelry box and cutting about a 5 inch piece of mounting tape and placing it in the box. You’ll get used to determining the size of mounting tape to you based on things like the size of the nails and the size of the box you choose. The mounting tap is double sided so you’ll stick one side to the box, then remove the red strip and stick the nails on top.  This will allow the nails to stay in place, until the customer is ready to remove them. Once you have a good amount of tape centered in the box, then place the nails in order from thumb to pinky, inside the box (see below).