Custom Packaging Solutions

Wholesale Packaging For Small Business

Luck Packaging Factory specializes in creating retail e-commerce packaging to help our clients convert shoppers into long-term customers of their products. We offer mailer boxes, mailer bags, paper bags for small and large business at wholesale price rate. Our global network and connectivity enable us to fully serve our clients’ e-commerce needs, include custom packaging, fulfillment services, and distribution needs throughout the world. We specialize in creating custom, eco-friendly packaging that supports our customers in bringing their ideas to life through our interactive package design processes. Luck Packaging enhances our client’s vision for their brand’s messaging and displays their products in the best light giving it the out-front exposure it deserves. 

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Andrew Grant. This age-old proverb holds true in the world of e-commerce. Product packaging is the most crucial branding element to an e-commerce business’s sustainability. It promotes the retention of recurring clientele, enhances the all-important customer experience, and depending on the nature of the product, it can transform your brand into a lifestyle, which is what today’s e-commerce consumers are really buying. The common brick-and-mortar related touch points where customers can taste, touch, smell, test, and try-on products does not exist in e-commerce, so high-quality product staging via packaging is essentially all you have. It’s not a secret that your packaging creates the first memorable impression with your clientele, and their feel-good experiences will increase your brand’s value by its influence on consumer behavior. When looking at the bigger picture, the effects branded packaging can have on your customers can be a major revenue driver in the long-term. This increased value comes by way of repeat customers, increased brand awareness through shared unboxing experiences on social media, and word-of-mouth recommendations to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.


Design & Order Your Custom Packages In a 3-Step Process

Select Your Style

Choose a custom packaging style and the material you want from out present sizes or customize to get the exact dimensions you desire.

Free Art Design

OEM & ODM service customized design are available, professional adobe software design, clear picture and accurate size.

Place An Order

Choose a custom packaging style and the material you want from out present sizes or customize to get the exact dimensions you desire.

Why Choose Luck Packaging?

Lowest Price Guaranteed

In comparison to your other vendors, we offer lower prices.

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of your packaging, we have professional quality control services.


We have a minimum order quantity of just 500 pcs.

Fast Turnaround

Our delivery services offer a variety of shipping methods by sea and air.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Over 20k customers have highly recommended our products.

Environmental Protection

The materials we use are degradable and environment-friendly.

Custom Packaging Products

Luck Packing have variety of packaging solutions available for E-commerce online owner specific needs, from custom boxes to packaging tissues.

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