Shipping Package Box Option FAQs

1.Mailer Box 2. Dispaly Box 3. Shipping Box 4. Products Cardboard Box 5. Jewelry Box 6. Clothing Box 7. Shoes Box 8. Cosmetic Box 9.Wine Box 10. Plant Box

Yes, we can make custom inserts! However, in most cases we will need your product in hand to size and build a customized insert around.

All our products are cutting dies, MOQ=500 pieces

Yes! We only accept customized products, which can better meet customer needs. We have an excellent team of box designers and engineers behind us who can make just about anything out of corrugated. One of our reps will reach out to you to go over any specifics we may need. 

Cardboard or paperboard are the most common materials. Corrugated cardboard is sturdier than paperboard and can handle more weight. Paperboard (Folding Carton) is great for smaller sizes or lightweight products. Paperboard also allows for extremely clean print. Kraft board can give your packaging an earthy feel and natural look. It also allows for better printing with colors that pop.

There may be a variation of up to 1/16” since we are using die cutting tables. On the Shipping boxes please allow a variation of up to 1/8” because of the glue flap.

The inks used in our production do have a smell that will dissipate over time. In most orders, this is not noticeable by the time the order is delivered. Boxes with full ink coverage may require a couple days to air out allow the smell to go away.

  Mailer Box MOQ=500 pieces   Paper Bags MOQ=500 pieces

1.Fix Inserts  2.Peanut Filler   3. Crinkle Paper 4. Tissue Paper