Printing Process FAQS

Yes, we can print a wide variety of inks, including white, metallic and foil stamped. We use offset printing processes. Offset printing is a process that results in all of the color going onto your box using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK) inks. Typically, areas in your design that are white are areas that will not be printed, leaving the color of the box material you’ve chosen (brown or white) to show through in those places. With our white ink option on Kraft material, white areas in your design can be set to print in white on the box.

We can print white ink on our corrugated boxes which are our mailer boxes and shipping boxes. This can be a great tool when printing on brown (Kraft) board. Use it as a stand-alone color, or request to have it printed under the graphics on your kraft box to make the colors vibrant. 

We can hot stamping on our rigid boxes and mailer boxes. Since hot stamping involves a different process we can only offer this on order above 500 units.

There are differences between Kraft and White material. The print quality, which includes clarity or sharpness of the printed design, is the same on both material options. The difference you will notice is in the printed appearance of the colors within your design.

Kraft is a gorgeous choice when printing darker and bolder colors, but the finished box won’t necessarily have the same color intensity as the online proof. Additionally, the yellows and browns of the Kraft color will always show through a bit and can influence the way the ink color appears. 

In comparison, White corrugate produces a color appearance more similar to the way the colors appear on screen. If your design contains blues, yellows, pinks, or any pastel colors, we recommend building your design on our White material for the best screen-to-print output. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind when printing on any material that we cannot guarantee a color-match between the color you see on screen and the final printed color appearance on your boxes. Colors displayed on screen utilize RGB color mode (Red, Green, Blue, + the light in your screen), while the physical act of printing utilizes CMYK color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK). The fundamental difference between the two modes prevents us from being able to guarantee an exact color match with digital CMYK printing. 

Yes, we can print to those color specifications. We will help you with an exact PMS match.

If you have a PMS color you’d like to print, please specify it in the notes section of your order. Not all PMS colors are reproducible in process inks. We will let you know if we are not able to match, but will come as close as we can for you.

Yes, we can print on the inside of the box, but an additional charge may apply.

We can often match PMS colors, however printing on corrugated may be slightly different visually. Please specify the PMS colors you would like to match with your design specialist and we will do the best to match it. A colored swatch on the material you are requesting will be sent out for approval prior to production.

A print plate is required for every image and are used to print line art and text directly onto corrugated boxes. Plates are mounted onto a sheet of material that matches the item, so the print will be in the proper position each time the item is made. Items that are printed in multiple colors require a separate set of plates for each color. The cost for printing plates will vary, depending on the size, complexity and number of colors.

Always upload and use the highest resolution images you can when designing. The higher the resolution, the crisper your art will appear! Every order will receive a final artwork proof which shows the final layout and quality of your order. If your images do not meet our recommended threshold of 300 DPI ,we will inform you before your order is printed and allow you replace the artwork. To get the best quality printing,we suggest provide vector graphics.

If you want to customize the packaging box for food, please inform our customer service staff in advance, we can provide food-grade materials