Shipping &Shopping Bags FAQs

Poly mailers are a lightweight, easy to ship alternative to packing boxes. Poly mailers are flexible, self-sealing polyethylene (LDPE) envelopes that are ideal for shipping apparel, t-shirts and non-fragile item. Our custom poly mailers are fun to design, easy to ship, waterproof and tear-resistant. All our poly mailers feature a self-adhesive strip to speed up the shipping process and minimum orders start as low as 5,000 mailers.

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Products that are relatively light in weight, resistant to falling, and poor in water resistance can be directly packaged in mail bags, or packed in mail bags and then packed in mailboxes, depending on the value of your products. For example, mobile phone cases, clothes can be directly used in pouches.

Ordering mailers that are slightly too small is one of the most common mistakes. The 3rd dimension is often overlooked when making the calculation. In addition to the width and length of your item, you need to consider 2 pertinent and commonly overlooked factors:

1.The height or thickness of your item need to be kept in mind. Add this number to the dimension that is closest to the mailer’s inside dimension.

Example: If your item is 6″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″ thick, add thickness to both width and height (2.5 + 6 = 8.5″, 2.5 + 6.5 = 9″) You will need a mailer with at least 8.5″ width, 9″ length.

2.Manufacturing variances occur and also have to be sondiered. Since there is no way to guarantee exact dimensions throughout an entire manufacturing production run, you should account for an extra 0.25″ on each side of item just in case you end up with a mailer on the smaller side.

Yes, we offer glossy finishes and many other finishing options. We can add a stunning visual texture to your box using a high-quality four-color process labels, which can be printed with various finishes. We can also use clear laminates over you print that will make you boxes shine.

Our mailers are primarily manufactured from coextruded films (white silver). We also offer a more economical option of straight mono (single-ply film).

Our mailers are self-seal bags. You lift up the liner and expose glue that’s ready to be pressed and closed for a seal.

Yes, that is one of the main advantages of using coextruded mailers. The mailers are tear resistant and very strong to absorb the beating they take during transit.

The surface treatment of the paper bag can customize the waterproof layer, but the kraft paper bag is not waterproof.

 Yes, the materials you can choose are, polyethylene, paper twisted rope, ribbon.

Padded envelopes are commonly produced with Kraft paper whereas bubble mailers are made with a polyethylene film making them resistant to moisture. Bubble mailers are also more flexible, making them a great option to handle shipping various shapes of objects.

Mailer Bags MOQ=5000 pieces    Paper Bags MOQ=500 pieces

Some of our bags are made of recycled material.

Yes, our poly mailers can be printed in full color. There are no restrictions on the number of colors you can use and there are no additional fees.